How to Win Friends (and NOT Influence People)

How to win friends ... and be a better copywriter ... without influencing people

So much of copywriting is focused on persuasion and influence.

But something far more important is simply understanding the person you’re communicating with.

When you adopt a mindset of genuine curiosity about people, you not only learn key insights that can help you become a better writer, but a better friend, too.

When someone is genuinely interested in learning about who you are, how you think, why you think the way you do, and what’s important to you – that matters.

It helps people open up and feel safe. It builds trust. And it shows that you actually care.

As writers, it’s our responsibility to care.

Because when we care about the people we’re selling to, we make better, more ethical decisions around how we do it and why.

And it becomes much easier to keep the customers’ – not just the business’s – interests in mind.

If you’re looking for ways to develop genuine curiosity, it’s as easy as striking up a conversation with a stranger at the park or your neighbor down the road.

Texting someone and asking how they’re doing. Or picking up the phone and letting someone vent when they’re going through it.

The practice of actively listening with genuine curiosity is what makes someone a good friend – and it just happens to be the foundation of good copywriting, too.

If want to better understand who your customers are, check out my free customer interview template, which has everything you need to start the conversation and dig deeper into what makes your customers tick.

Download the FREE customer interview template here

I hope this inspires you to become a better listener, interviewer, and writer – and maybe a better friend, too!

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