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Hi, I’m Annie


Nearly 10 years ago, I left the agency world because I hated creating copy that didn’t produce results

I was writing copy for some of the world’s biggest brands – Smirnoff, Guinness, USA Network, L’Oreal, Unilever, Samsung, Under Armour & others – but I didn’t feel like the work was actually moving the needle.

It cost the brands a lot of money, but our “big ideas” weren't always easy to measure or driving sales.

In 2015, I started my copywriting business to help deliver consistent, measurable results for clients

Since then, I’ve helped 100+ small & medium-sized businesses revamp their copy, from helping them establish their brand identity and voice to generating more website traffic, leads, and sales.

Today, I specialize in website conversion copywriting for businesses that sell services, products, or a combination of both.

I’d love the opportunity to work with you next!

Meredith Witte

Founder of The Playground

“The biggest thing I got out of my project with Annie was learning more about my business, which I did not go into this expecting.”

“I knew we would do the standard things of looking at my audience and what I’m selling, but with all the customer research, I felt like I really learned a lot about my business. 

Through the copy, I feel like I see my business in a whole new way.
I have a broader vocabulary to describe my business, I use the text all of the time. When I’m writing an email or caption on IG, I go to the website and find something that fits whatever I’m trying to talk about. Even if I’m not trying to make a sale, but just trying to describe it.

Everything about the process felt so helpful. Annie made everything so easy. I felt taken care of. 

When you invest in something like this, it takes a lot of time. You have to give feedback and look at all of these things … you have to ‘a-okay’ everything. But Annie made it the minimal amount of time that was needed from me.”

What makes me different from other conversion copywriters

Proven results for 100+ clients

There’s a reason million-dollar brands hire me. I get results for my clients and have the case studies to back it up.

Established processes you can trust

After serving clients for over a decade, I’ve developed a clear & reliable process that gets results over and over again.

5 for the price of 1

You get a copywriter, researcher, UX expert, content strategist & project manager for the price of one consultant (that’s me!).

Reliability & peace of mind

No wondering, waiting, or getting ghosted. Every deadline will be hit and you’ll never have to follow up.

12+ years copywriting experience

Since 2011 I’ve written copy for world-renowned brands while working at top NYC advertising agencies and as a freelancer.

Website copy expertise

While other copywriters are generalists who “do it all” I focus specifically on website strategy, UX, and copy.

Big-brand thinking to your small biz

The knowledge I gained while working with brands like Smirnoff, L’Oreal, Samsung & many others will be applied to your project.

True professionalism & genuine care

I go above and beyond for my clients and I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the care & attention you’ll receive.

Tell me about your project

My mission and values

Committed to treating your business like it’s my own

I promise to dive in, get my hands dirty, and do the hard work required to get you the results you desire.

Reliance on data, not guesswork

Your website copy, structure & UX will be informed by objective data, research, and best practices – not subjective opinions or gut feelings.

Focused on results, like lead gen & sales

Every project starts with clear goals (like clearer copy, more sales, leads, or traffic) that can be measured or observed. This makes tracking ROI easy.

Reliability, consistency & professionalism 

I treat my clients the way I like to be treated: with respect, kindness, patience, and timeliness. Whatever you need, I’ve got your back.

David Kincade, MA

President and Owner of Alberta Business Grants Ltd.

"Without question I highly recommend Annie for your copywriting needs"

I can honestly say working with Annie has been awesome. First, her process is highly professional and effective. Her collaborative approach allowed us to produce a final copy that will help my customers achieve their goals.

From my experience, I know her to be hard working, goal orientated, and a self-starter who understands exactly what the project is and develops a plan to get it done efficiently and effectively. 

Without question I highly recommend Annie for your copywriting needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 780-297-6177.”

When I’m not writing copy, you can find me… 

Running, biking, or being active outside

I’m a long-distance runner and feel best when I’m outside moving my body in the sushine.

Hiking with my dog

I love going on hikes with my husband and our Tibetan Terrier, Scully (yes, she’s named after Agent Scully … cue The X-Files theme).

Reading or learning something new

My favorite authors are P.G. Wodehouse, Stella Gibbons, Kurt Vonnegut & Tennessee Williams. I also love biographies & learning about science.

Writing comedy

When I’m not writing copy for websites, I’m writing screenplays for TV, writing short humor pieces, or taking a writing class.

Want to work together on your website?

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me a bit about you, your business, and your website and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours or less.

Pam Chuy

Former Designer at Keeps

“Annie is an absolute superstar”

“Annie worked on the [Keeps] team as a contractor for about a year where she became an integral part of the team. 

Annie was quick to onboard, and seamlessly melded with the group. Despite many short turn arounds Annie was always able to meet deadlines and make changes with ease. 

In kickoffs Annie is capable of coming to the table with ideas showcasing her ability to understand our customer demographics and the goal of a project. This was particularly helpful as the team was ever changing.

I am most grateful for Annie's work during a time where we needed a copywriter to work on a vast majority of different projects. 

Whether it was email, webpages, blogs, or Q+A's Annie was ready to deliver and enthusiastic about making sure the product was right. In a fast paced environment like a start-up this is an essential skill to have.

I am extremely appreciative of the time Annie had with us and would recommend her easily to anyone in need.”

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