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Since 2015, I’ve taught 2,000+ students online & at Miami Ad School

Here’s what a few of my students have to say about my courses and teaching style

“The most comprehensive walkthrough I've ever seen on how to put together your website's information architecture”

“Not only to help it make more sense to website visitors, but convert better, too. 
I found it all really valuable! It helped to clarify the website creation process for me. The questions you need to ask and the customer research you need in order to arrive at your information architecture. They were extremely valuable!”

Ash, Freelance Copywriter

"Like going through a Chick-fil-a drive-thru: Short, sweet, a great value & you end up with delectable nuggets in the end"

"Seriously. Buying high-dollar courses just aren't worth it for me because I NEVER finish. But I was able to whiz right through this in one evening. 

Annie's not only super-knowledgeable, you can tell she's passionate and wants to help others that most likely aren't in the position to spend thousands on a consultant."

Ashley Shifflett

“It’s like she pulled the thoughts right from my brain!”

"Written in an upbeat, conversational tone, From Full Time to Freelance is filled with advice on how to overcome your fears, build confidence, and take the first step into freelancing. 

Annie is so relatable as she addresses the most pressing questions and concerns that most have about freelancing! The e-book has left me feeling inspired and motivated to get out there and identify my value and passions. 

Stephanie Cafasso


"Annie is the leader we deserve! She shares real-world insights and easy-to-understand frameworks. Being a senior media buyer managing half-million dollars month. This course is by far the best I have seen on the topic. She even gives you the exact systematic spreadsheets she uses for her own clients.


DeVante Watkins

Conversion Copywriting Courses

Taught by a seasoned expert with over a decade of real-world copywriting and teaching experience.

How to Build Websites That Convert


DIY’ing your website? Get the knowledge, tools & templates you need to build a high-converting website on your own. Do it in 4 weeks or at your own pace.

Discovery/Branding Questionnaire


Want more clarity when it comes to your biz? Start with my questionnaire! Includes 30+ questions around product, customers, brand personality & more.

Branding 101: Creating Identity


Creating or refining your brand identity? Learn how to develop your brand story, personality, tone of voice, style & more in about 1 hour!

How to Conduct, Analyze & Apply Customer Research


A proven system for business owners who want a more data-driven approach to copywriting, marketing, product development, and more.

Conversion Copywriting Freebies

Just a few free resources to help you get started. 

In-depth Customer Interview Template

Get everything you need to conduct valuable customer interviews on your own, including sample questions + an intro/outro script.

8 Signs That It’s Time To Revamp Your Website Copy

How do you know when it’s time to revamp your website? Are there signs or clues you should look out for? Find out now!

The 5 Things You Need For a Successful Website Revamp

Whether you’re revamping your website or building it from scratch, find out exactly what you need to make your project a success.

More free resources, curated just for you


How to Optimize Your Website Copy

Learn how to make your site copy more effective without revamping your site structure or design.

8 Tips for Making Your Homepage Copy More Effective

Learn how to make your most visited page your most persuasive sales asset.

How Websites Differ By Industry

See how websites in e-comm, service industries, SaaS, food/bev & non-profits differ from each other.

Effective vs Ineffective Websites: What’s the Difference?

Learn 3 core ways effective websites differ from ineffective websites.

How to Conduct a Website Competitive Analysis

Learn the 4-step process (+ how to use the insights to build a stronger website for yourself or your client).

"Good" vs "Bad" Website Headlines

See how I transform different headlines to make them clearer, more specific & more persuasive.

How to Become a Successful Freelancer

Whether you’re just starting out, working on your side hustle, or trying to level up your freelance business, these resources can help!

Tired of your traditional 9-5? Transition to a full-time freelancing career by learning how to turn your passion into a business.

From Full Time to Freelance

How to Get Clients Through Cold Outreach

Includes the exact tools, templates, and processes I followed to get my first clients and many more after that.

What I’ve Learned After Running a Business for 8+ Years

Learn the 4 things I wish I’d know when I was first starting out as a business owner.

How to Systemize Communication with Leads

Get the templates I use for responding to and qualifying leads, as well as the process I follow for signing new clients.

Featured on your fave podcasts & blogs

Some of the most popular copywriting, marketing & entrepreneurial outlets have featured my work or invited me to chat about all things copy.


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