Alberta Business Grants Case Study

How I helped Alberta Business Grants build a website that brings in qualified leads every day.

"Over 8,700 visitors last month! The conversions are insane. Working with Annie was awesome. Her process is highly professional and effective."

David Kincade

Founder of Alberta Business Grants

David Kincade is the #1 grant writer in Alberta…

But judging by his old website, you’ve NEVER guess.

Up until recently, David’s business relied completely on referrals and word-of-mouth, so having a stellar website wasn’t a top priority.

However, in 2018, David decided he wanted to change his business model from one-on-one coaching to a “one-to-many” type of approach.

This pivot meant he needed a strong online presence that would appeal to the specific audience he was trying to target.


Not only that, but he needed a better way to present his digital products (like downloads, courses, etc), as he was getting traffic, but not making many sales.

To accomplish this, David reached out to me to develop a website structure and compelling pitch that could entice this new target audience to take action.

To begin, we scheduled a strategy workshop, so I could learn more about his business and the people he wanted to reach.

Hover to view their old homepage

Take a peek at their old homepage

Research & Strategy


As with all of my clients, the first step is the strategy workshop, where we dive deep into the business and the customer base they’re trying to target.

During a typical strategy workshop, I’m asking questions like:

  • Who is the customer?
  • How do they find you?
  • How likely are they to take action?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What stops them from hiring you?
  • What motivates them to hire you?
  • And more!
Knowing the answers to these types of questions gives me a clearer idea of who I’m talking to and how I need to communicate in order to persuade them.

During this time, I was also reading through David’s many testimonials to learn more about a typical customer experience and the type of results they see.

Once I had the answers I needed, I created a target persona and strategic brief, which outlined everything we knew about the customer and how we should communicate with them.

From there, it was time to transform our learnings and insights into a website architecture that would educate and convert visitors.

Information Architecture


Using the insights gleaned from the strategy workshop, I created a website architecture for David’s site.

For those who are unfamiliar, a website architecture is like a blueprint for your entire site.

A website architecture not only includes the content we must feature on each page, but the specific ORDER of that content, which will most likely persuade the target audience.

Having this blueprint approved before I begin writing copy ensures that everyone is on the same page about the type of content I’ll be creating, which reduces back-and-forth.

Plus, it gives the designer a clear understanding of what he or she needs to develop when it comes to the aesthetic — there’s no need to guess, it’s all there.

Once David approved the architecture, it was time to start writing the copy!



Using the strategic brief as a guide, I was able to quickly write copy that clearly demonstrated David’s authority, while hitting on the pain points, wants, needs, and desires of his target audience.

This resulted in copy that’s scannable, easy to read, and completely persuasive to the audience David is targeting.

Not only that, but I was also able to better position his digital products so customers could easily learn more about each offering and associated benefits.

I also wrote a video script for David, which would allow him to have a “one-on-one conversation” with leads who visited his site (which was something we learned was important when convincing a cold lead to contact him).



I have the updated copy for this section, here it is:

One of the challenges of working with longer copy can be the design translation process.

If you don’t have a designer who has the right experience, the results can be disastrous.

 Thankfully, we had Patrick Kerby on our team, an incredibly talented designer who was able to bring the copy to life in a beautiful, modern, and user-friendly way.

Patrick also helped created the branding for David’s website, giving it a polished and professional look that reinforces David’s expertise while building trust with visitors.

New landing page design

"Over 8,700 visitors last month! The conversions are insane."

"I had 22 people join my email list yesterday with no ads. I have all the forms going into a shared email box, where we can sort through and respond. It’s unbelievable. And I get awesome feedback on my SITE EVERYDAY!

Working with Annie was awesome. Her process is highly professional and effective. Her collaborative approach allowed us to produce copy that helps my customers achieve their goals.” 

David Kincade

Founder of Alberta Business Grants


David now has a website that brings in qualified leads every single day

Before, Davids website was like a blank canvas — there was barely any information and no content that would persuade someone to hire David.

Now, the website has:

Hover to view the landing page

A clear & intuitive UX
Clear copy that explains what he’s selling and why leads should buy
Persuasive content that resonates with his target audience
A beautiful showcase of David’s success stories (and the results he helps clients achieve)

Mechanisms for qualifying & capturing leads (including an enticing lead magnet)
And so much more!

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