Making Your Value Prop Crystal Clear

We recently hosted a dinner party for some friends.

During the party we swapped homeowner horror stories, from finding snakes in the basement to a roof fire that cost $100k to repair (and resulted in a lifetime ban on homeowners insurance – yikes!). 🐍🔥

One of the stories was about a bat in the attic that required the help of an eccentric exterminator. 🦇

Mimicking the “Critter ‘Gitter” (his name, not ours), our friend widened her eyes, tilted her chin up, and spoke in a funny voice:

“You know why I’m different?”

Dramatic pause. She went on with the impression.

“I pick up. When you got a problem at 3AM, I pick up. I sleep with my phone under my pillow so I never miss a call”

After the story was over, we all had a good laugh, but there was a clear takeaway I couldn’t ignore:

My friend never forgot the exterminator’s unique selling point

And you can bet if she gets a skunk in her basement in the middle of the night, she knows just who to call. 🦨

If you want to be the brand people think of when they have a specific problem, your value prop needs to be crystal clear, whether it’s stated in person or in the headlines on your homepage.

If you want to learn how to do this, join me next Thursday, April 20th @ 12PM EST for a FREE headline writing workshop where we’ll focus on things like:

✅ Making your value prop specific vs general or vague

✅ Cutting out “filler” copy so your value prop is clear & concise

✅ Leading with your value prop (vs hiding it in places where it won’t be seen)

Sign up for the FREE headline writing workshop now – I hope to see you there!

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