Case Study

How I helped a hypnosis company transform their apps into a cohesive e-commerce brand.

"Annie took the initiative to dive deeply into research on the topics, so when it came time for me to review, I usually had little or no feedback at all. It was ready to go! If she’s available for your project, stop looking. You’ve found a gem."

CJ de Heer

Founder, SuccessMinds

My client had a line of successful hypnosis apps…

But because of restrictions within the App Store, he decided to transition his app-based business into a full e-commerce platform.

To do it, he knew he’d need help. After all, there were 19 unique hypnosis topics, which he’d need a whole lotta copy to pull it off.

Since we had already worked together on an email project, he trusted me to help turn his dream into reality. So shortly after discussing our game plane, we got to work, starting with customer research.


Research & Strategy


Before we could write copy that would convert, we had to do some research to learn more about the people we would be communicating with.

Since there were close to 20 different hypnosis topics (from anxiety to quitting smoking), we sent out surveys to each unique list, in order to uncover the insights we needed.

Luckily, the apps are also well-reviewed, so we had hundreds of customer reviews for each topic that we could also use to mine for strategic gold.

After collecting data from the surveys and reading through the reviews, I was able to create user profiles, ensuring the structure of our pages and the copy we were using would be informed by data (and not pulled out of our butts).

Information Architecture


Once we had a clear understanding of each audience, we discussed other strategic considerations, like:

  • Where are users coming from?
  • What is there level of awareness?
  • What is their level of intent?
  • What is their severity of pain?
  • And more

Understanding these key points were crucial in developing a page structure that would appeal to each of the unique audiences that would be visiting our landing pages.
And while the copy would be unique, the page structure had to be flexible enough to be used across all of the topics — which was a challenge when each topic is completely different.

But with a little strategic thinking, I was able to come up with a foundational structure that incorporated a classic copywriting formula (PAS or “Problem, Agitation, Solution), social proof, desirable outcomes, a money-back guarantee, and more.



During the customer interviews, one of my goals was to collect “voice of customer data” (or “VOC” data) which includes words, phrases, and language from the customer that can be later repurposed during the writing phase of the project.

When I sat down to write, the first thing I did was look at my bank of VOC data to see if there were any great lines of copy that could be used as headlines, bullet points, testimonials, and more.

Using the insights uncovered from our user research phase, I had everything I needed to write “voice of customer” copy, which is copy that comes directly from your customers — not from the brain of your copywriter.

With “voice of customer” copy, you don’t have to sit around wasting time trying to “guess” which messaging will appeal most to your customer — you already know.

This makes the process of actually writing the copy easier, and more effective, as the words came directly from the mouths (or heads) of your customers.

"If she's available, stop looking."

“Annie is one of those gems who can dive in, add tremendous value, and be an absolute pleasure to work with — all at the same time. In the past, I’ve found managing copywriters very labor intensive because reviewing and giving feedback on their work required so much, well, work.

Annie, on the other hand, spent just the right amount of time with me upfront, discovering what was needed, taking careful notes, and working with me to get into the mind of my audience.

She also took the initiative to dive deeply into research on the topics, so when it came time for me to review, I usually had little or no feedback at all. It was ready to go! If she’s available for your project, stop looking. You’ve found a gem.”

CJ de Heer

Founder, SuccessMinds


SuccessMinds now has a full e-commerce platform that’s optimized for all 19 of their unique customer segments

Using the same process mentioned above, we were able to churn out effective landing pages for 19 unique audiences, from “End Anxiety” to “Quit smoking.”

From there, we created more content, including: in-app copy, video scripts, additional funnels, and more. But it all started with that first survey we sent out to the Weight Loss customers.

Developing this process enabled my client to completely transition his business from the App Store to his own e-commerce platform, which is currently thriving!

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