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If you’ve read my free download, An Intro to Customer Research, you know one of the methodologies I focus on is review mining.

If you’re not familiar, review mining is a method of analyzing customer data in search of insights that can be used to shape your copy, marketing, product, and more.

“Mining” simply means reading through the data (like testimonials, survey results, interview transcripts, etc) in search of interesting words/phrases or recurring themes/insights.

But how does it work exactly? And how do you use it to write better copy?

To demonstrate, I picked a random product on Amazon, pulled 1 review from the first page, and marked it up using my “review mining” lens:

Review mining example, conversion copywriting


Now that I’ve identified a use case, some benefits/features, and a potential objection, I can now use those tidbits to create copy:

  • “I wore this for a shoot and it was perfect” → “The perfect piece for your next shoot”
  • “The little stones have a nice sparkle in the sunlight” → “Gemstones that sparkle IRL and on camera”
  • “I was afraid the material was going to be very cheap” → “Looks and feels more expensive than it is”
  • “It felt pretty sturdy” → “Sturdy enough to handle sun, sand, saltwater & more”
  • “Loved the style, fit, and quality” → “Dazzling on all silhouettes”

While I would normally read through more testimonials before jumping straight into copy, you can see how valuable one simple review can be when it comes to creating copy.


Finally, let’s bring our copy ideas together with two conversion tactics to amp up the effectiveness of the copy: a bulleted, scannable list to call attention to specific features/benefits and a money-back guarantee to assuage potential objections.

The perfect piece for your next shoot

Sparkle IRL and on camera with this sexy, gem-studded mesh cover-up.

  • Dazzling on all silhouettes
  • Looks and feels more expensive than it is
  • Sturdy enough to handle sun, sand, saltwater & more

[[ Buy now – 100% money-back guarantee! ]]

While I would normally jazz up the copy a bit more, this simple example shows you how you can take the exact words of your customers, tweak them slightly (or in some cases, leave them as is), and create clear, persuasive copy.

Key takeaways

1️⃣ Review mining is a form of qualitative research that can help you identify customer insights that can be translated into effective copy

2️⃣ Copy from customer testimonials, survey results, interview transcripts, etc can be used verbatim or as inspiration for headlines, bulleted lists, CTA’s, descriptions, ads, emails, or anything else with words

3️⃣ Conversion tactics like scannable, bulleted lists are great for drawing attention to specific benefits/features while a “money back guarantee” is a great way to overcome potential objections

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