Quantum Squares
Case Study

How I helped an energy bar brand relaunch their website with clarity & confidence.

"Annie was the first person who made us think strategically about our copy, from the people we were targeting to the page layout and messaging. She was the missing piece to our marketing."

Dan M.

Founder, Quantum Squares

Quantum Squares are coffee-infused energy bars — pretty cool, right?

There’s just one problem: the old website didn’t say that. Like, anywhere.

Plus, the website kind of had this “healthy, but forgettable” vibe — there was nothing in the tone or copy that made me say, “hell yeah, I want these bars!”

Knowing they needed to make a change, the Quantum Squares team reached out to me for an update in personality, messaging, conversion-tactics, and more.


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Research & Strategy


Because the energy bar market is so crowded, I suggested we develop a tone of voice that would help us stand out.

Not only that, but We wanted a tone that would (a) appeal to millennials and (b) reflect the new “edgier” update to the brand’s aesthetic.

So after doing a bit of competitive research and digging into my own millennial brain, I started playing around with a few different styles until we hit on the right one.

This process took us from vague copy like, “The science of energy” to specific copy with a touch of ‘tude — “Coffee-infused energy bars. Need we say more?”

Okay, so we had a kickass tone of voice, but if we didn’t understand who we were talking to, it would surely fall flat.

So I scheduled a strategy workshop with the team where we discussed things like:

  • Who are our customers?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • What do they care about?
  • Why would they want this bar?
  • What would stop them from buying it?
  • What would motivate them to buy it?
  • And more!

Once we had a clear picture of our two segments (healthy, active millennials AND more hardcore gym-goers), I got to work on developing customer personas and strategic briefs, which would inform everything from the layout of the page to the messaging.



After coming up with the layout for the page (based on strategic insights and conversion best practices), it was finally time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys?).

First, there was the main website, which needed to be revamped in terms of structure and copy.

Next came the landing pages (like the one targeting “Healthy Hilary”), which was really our opportunity to make that new kickass tone of voice shine (as you can see)

"Annie was the missing piece to our marketing."

“Annie was the first person who made us think strategically about our copy, from the people we were targeting to the page layout and messaging. Because of Annie, our brand finally has a clear strategy that WORKS!

Since working with Annie, we’ve seen a lift across our website and emails, plus, she helped us create a series of decks our sales team uses to win new business!”

Dan M.

Founder, Quantum Squares


Quantum Squares now has clearer, more effective messaging (and a kickass tone of voice)

Today, the Quantum Squares brand has a clearly defined voice and clearer messaging, which has proved effective not only across web, but at events, in pitches with resellers, and more.

After we worked together, the team even won a “shark tank”-like contest with WeWork, which means their coffee-infused energy bars will now be sold in WeMRKT locations across the globe.

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Copy that's clear, specific & persuasive 

Highlights uniqueness of product in a more engaging way

Showcases ingredients in a more persuasive way

Communicating key info in a fun & engaging way

CTA copy removes potential barriers

Specific outcomes + results

Specific use cases help bring product to life

Clearly explains what the product is

Highlights key selling points 

Communicates key info in fun & engaging ways

Visuals reinforce copy

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