Conversion Copywriting

Learn more about Conversion Copywriting and how it can help your business.

What is conversion copywriting?

Conversion Copywriting is writing that’s focused on getting a user to take a specific action, whether that’s signing up, entering their email, or paying you money.

How is conversion copywriting different from other types of copywriting?

Conversion Copywriting is different from other forms of copywriting in that it blends the art of writing with the science of psychology, data, customer research, and proven persuasion techniques to produce words that sell.

Conversion Copywriting is not just writing; it encompasses everything from customer research and strategy to wireframing and analysis. This strategic, data-driven approach allows you to take a website, landing page, or email from a “piece of content” into a business tool that’s designed to make you money.

Effective copy starts with a clearly defined goal, one specific offer, and a clear understanding of who you’re trying to reach.


Understanding how your audience thinks, behaves, and communicates is what makes the difference between mediocre copy and copy that puts money in your pocket.

Driven by data and research

By blending data and research with conversion best practices and proven persuasion techniques, you go from “words on a page” to “wow, we should have done this years ago.”

Focused on results

How conversion copywriting works

Unlike other forms of copywriting, Conversion Copywriting requires a great deal of upfront research and strategy, which results in copy that’s not just engaging, but so persuasive, your target audience can’t help but take action.

Step 1: Research

Before any copy is written, the Conversion Copywriter will typically interview you and your customers, run user tests, conduct a heatmap analysis, a competitive analysis, or anything else that’s required to understand your business, customers and competition.

Step 2: Wireframe

When all of the research is complete, the Conversion Copywriter will take all of the various data points and come up with a wireframe for your landing page or website, which typically includes the navigation, content hierarchy, content layout, and more.

Step 3: Write

When the wireframes are complete, the Conversion Copywriter will fill in each page using a combo of “voice of customer" data, conversion best practices, persuasion techniques, and creativity to make the words come together in the most effective way.

Step 4: Analyze

Once the project is complete, the Conversion Copywriter will frequently check in on performance to make sure the pages are performing as intended, reviewing metrics such as traffic, conversion rate, bounce, and more.

“When we finally realized that conversions do not happen solely on the basis of fancy web design, we were very fortunate to find Annie.”

“Her professional approach to building converting website copy based on target audiences and proven psychological models helped created a red thread through our website for the first time ever.An additional bonus was that Annie happen to knew our domain quite well, which increased the quality even more. Being really flexible, honest and straightforward, makes it a brief working with Annie.

We are looking forward to working with Annie again and consider her an important ‘member’ of our team.”

Steffen Bilde

Product Engineering at Meo; Founding Partner @ Zenbu

How much does conversion copywriting cost?

A Conversion Copywriter typically charges more than your “average copywriter” because the work they produce is directly tied to sales and ROI.

Remember, with a Conversion Copywriter, you’re not just paying for “creative writing” — you’re paying for research and strategy that’s focused on getting your visitors to take action.

The best way to evaluate if a conversion copywriter is right for your project is to ask yourself a few simple questions:

How many viable leads do you get per month?

What is the value of one viable lead?

How many leads would you need to get from this project for it to be worth your investment?

When you put the price of the project into the perspective of ROI, you’ll often find that it’s well worth the investment, especially when you consider the impact it will have on your business over time.

Conversion copywriting is for you if...

You want to capture more leads / make more money online

Conversion copywriting is not for you if...

You’re more concerned with how your website or landing page “looks” than how well it actually converts

You want your copy to be effective and persuasive

You know an effective website, landing page, or email STARTS with copy, not design

You understand good copy comes from data and research, not just creative thinking

You understand that effective copy requires a specific process and can’t be created in a couple of hours

You understand that copywriting is a skill that involves strategic thinking and knowledge of psychology and proven persuasion techniques

You want your copy to be as short as possible and to not “get in the way” of the design

You already have a design and just need someone to “fill in” the placeholder text

You think a copywriter is someone who “wordsmiths” and pulls effective copy out of thin air 

You think copywriters can churn out amazing, persuasive copy the same day you ask for it

You think “anyone” can write effective copy and if you just had the time, you’d do it yourself.

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